Micro Milled Lens Array

micro-milling-mainChardon Tools produces Precision Diamond Tools perfect for producing a micro lens array


The following is an example of how the diamond ball end mill produces a aspherical micro lens array using a Moore Nanotech 350FG



  • Quantify surface finish and form results obtainable while micro-milling brass aspheric lens arrays on the Nanotech 350FG


  • 3-Axis Precision Micro-Milling

Part Configuration:

  • Material: Brass
  • Lenslet Diameter: 0.65 mm
  • Surface Type: Concave Aspheric Array

Machining Parameters:

  • Milling Spindle RPM: 40,000
  • Finish Feedrate: 100 mm/min
  • Finish Depth of Cut: 150 µm
  • Coolant: Odorless Mineral Spirits
  • Cycle Time Per Lens: 2 minutes
    (each lenslet produced in 1 pass)

Tool Configuration:

  • Single Flute Diamond Ball Mill
  • Radius: 0.2 mm


  • Click on the following charts to see the results:





All testing, data, and analysis provided courtesy of Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC